Tips on how to choose furniture for kitchen products

Tips on how to choose furniture for kitchen-dining room + items&nbsp Inmyroom 18 hours ago Photo: Inmyroom Women’s forum Rectangular, round or square? Find out which dining table will fit your interior. And then we’ll show you how to choose the chairs! Rectangular tables are the most popular. When planning the length, consider that on the average one person should have 60-70 cm dining places. When choosing a kitchen table focus on the number of seats according to the formula “family + 2”. Keep in mind that furniture made of wood or glass is very heavy and massive, move it at any time will not work. Therefore, make sure that it doesn’t block the entrance to the kitchen. Option without sharp corners ideal for families with children: it is the most safe. Remember, the more round the table, the more difficult the access to the dishes in the middle: it is desirable that the diameter of the tabletop did not exceed 140 cm When placing the table in the interior remember that it will not be moved close to the wall. For small kitchens square table is the ideal solution. If you often receive guests, take a model with a sliding table top or with “wings” on the sides, it will help to add 2-3 additional space. You can save space if you put the table close to the wall or window. When you choose a dining table, it’s time to pay attention to the chairs. Optimal seat depth is 40-45 cm, the cutting edge should not dig into the space under the knees. The most simple, but at the same time, an interesting solution is to put the same chairs, plastic or upholstery. Now fashion dining sets, consisting of items of different style, size, and material. If you have all the chairs are the same, replace 1-2 times in a different style and color — this technique will help make the interior more interesting. The chairs upholstery is not only convenient and comfortable but also create a more festive atmosphere. When buying, pay attention to the seat base, the most durable materials, jute and nylon. For upholstery, choose textiles with special impregnation, which protects the fabric from splashing off the table. For those who all likes the comfort, fit a small sofa or a special built-in “area”. Please note on the upholstery: it must repel moisture and be resistant to contamination. If you have a small kitchen, choose a corner design: it can be placed along the far wall, move up to her table and a few chairs in case guests arrive. On the cover: project by Tatiana Brimmer. Read more •••

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