Trend of the month: marble

Monochrome and color, plain and with bright beautiful texture… Noble marble is the most fashionable material this fall.

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This material, as a finishing, capable to subdue any. It emits a special dignity and nobility. The interior with its use look stylish, sophisticated and respectable. Unique pattern, nice texture, variety of colors and tones, marble blends into contemporary interiors. It can be used to achieve exceptional design.

Tables and coffee tables.

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Table Lasdun from Essential Home.

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Table Vinicius from Essential Home.

Today the marble in the interior is used not only for lining floors, fireplace portals and walls. This material is perfect for lining the countertops and aprons. Marble has high decorative properties, wear resistance and considerable strength characteristics.


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Natural stone is perfect for making a variety of interior details and elements of decor of Your home.

Sink made of marble — is not only high strength, eco-friendly and easy to care for thing, but, of course, stunningly beautiful product that will become the bright accent in Your bathroom.

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For all its solidity of marble as the material is prone to compromises, demonstrating flexibility as forms and content. It is logical that the geography of its application in recent times has expanded greatly


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Lamp from DelightFULL Botti.

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The Cala lamp from Brabbu.

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Lamp from DelightFULL Hanna.

Marble furniture add style, solidity and however endurance as well as increase its service life. Marble in the interior — a piece of nature that will delight you all year round.

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