Trending wedding colors-2019 from experts Pantone

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game Trending wedding colors-2019 from experts Pantone&nbsp 5 hours ago Photos: Women’s forum the color of the wedding — the most difficult choice, after the choice of a life partner. Not only do you decide on what shades to stay, but also determine the atmosphere and theme of your event. Special chic — to use not just a combination of two colors and a palette, harmonious, but not trivial. Service Weddingwire, together with the experts of the Pantone color Institute has made several wedding colors, which will be relevant this year. Love the colors in This palette are perfect for a wedding in the Botanical style in the garden or under the open sky. It combines a delicate light pink shades with bright fuchsia, earthy green and neutral gray colors. The basic materials for the decorations in this palette: wood, greenery, metal, garden flowers and dried fruits. If the words “updated vintage” and “floral” sounds for you like good idea for wedding — choose “Love in colors”. Golden hour This palette is named after the most beautiful time of day — minutes before sunset when everything is bathed in warm light. Bohemian luxury metal gold natural shades soften bright spicy colors: orange, reddish-brown. Very romantic, natural and refined palette. Want to make the interior more warm, add to the decor of natural materials — dried grass and wood. 5 colors that will be popular this year Actual shades 2019. Paradise found As you already know, this palette is inspired by the escape to island Paradise. It is suitable for wedding on the ocean, or create the atmosphere of a beach wedding, wherever you are. In the palette “Paradise found” is actively used color 2019 — coral. Along with turquoise, pale blue and luscious green hues, it forms a boring tropical combination. A great reason to add to the bar menu smoothies. Midnight If you dream of a wedding in the cold shades you will like “Midnight.” This palette combines the traditional colors — dark blue, grey, white and glamorous shimmering fuchsia and purple. “Midnight” is suitable for atypical vintage wedding: her living, but cool shades is a good alternative to traditional black-and-white and pale pink of the holiday palettes. Blue, gray and white colors, leave the dresses, and purple with fuchsia for floral arrangements. In addition, the color palette “Midnight” is perfect if you want to use in the wedding decor velvet. What’s the palette of these you like the most? Read more •••

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