Villa in Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole – one of the tourist mecca of Tuscany. From this close and to Rome and Siena, and the climate is mild most of the year. Port looks at the island of Elba and Giglio and famous also Spanish fortress built in the XV century. By the middle of the XX century began to arrive here in Hollywood color and fine Italian bourgeoisie. They stayed in a famous hotel Il Pelicano, either on the coast villas.

One part of the terrace made from a woven canopy.  Here, the only warm spot of the house - sofa cushions covered with the red textiles.


One part of the terrace made from a woven canopy. Here, the only warm spot of the house – sofa cushions covered with the red textiles.


Decorator Federica Skvillante Montoro with her husband deceived this fascinating area and purchased a house in order to make it a perfect place to spend the holidays.

С патио открывается вид на Порто-Эрколе, а в ­ясную погоду можно разглядеть и остров Джильо.
With a patio overlooking the Porto Ercole, and on a clear day you can see the island of Giglio.


His career Federica once it started as a builder and the designer – to build houses, schools and hospitals in remote Amazon villages. Then he returned to Europe and has received architectural education at the European Institute of Design in Rome. There's also met her future husband. 

Декоратор спланировала дверные проемы таким образом, чтобы доступ к террасам был максимально удобный почти из любой комнаты первого этажа.
Decorator planned doorways so that access to the terrace was the most convenient from almost any room of the first floor.



Upon completion of his studies Federica first settled in fairly well-known construction company Lamaro Appalti. And in 2014, he moved to London, after founding the company Mall Interiors in partnership with architects and Lucca Solatstsi Mario Gallery. And still she lives, moving between Rome, London and Paris.

Обстановка дома не насыщена мелкими аксессуарами. Но, например, этот экзотический абориген прибыл сюда из путешествий хозяйки.


The situation at home is not saturated with small accessories. But, for example, this exotic native arrived here from the travel hostess

The new building designed Federica additional rooms, window openings and increased overall slightly changed layout. "The basic idea was – to create a space in which to live comfortably, – says the hostess. – After all, here most of the time people spend at home inside and outside – on terraces and balconies. "


В немногочисленные пасмурные дни можно удобно раcположиться и внутри дома. Например, на таком просторном диване, заваленном подушками.


In a few cloudy days it can be conveniently racpolozhitsya and inside the house. For example, in such a large sofa cushions strewn.


All construction and installation works carried out by local craftsmen. But for the production of furniture we had to invite foreign people. Nearly the whole environment is designed specifically for this house on the sketches of a decorator, so not all the items could be made in the Tuscan region. 

У декоратора с мужем четверо детей. Чтобы всех разместить, использовали двухъярусные кровати.


Decorators and her husband have four children. To accommodate all used bunk beds.


Walls throughout the house painted in white color, and for furniture upholstering used white textiles. The second dominant color – blue. Curtains, cushions, tablecloths – everything is done in this color. It was only in one place – on the closed part of the terrace – decorator dared to dilute the saturated range of the red textiles


Стены в ванной комнате покрыты травертином. Чтобы зрительно увеличить объем, повесили зеркало шириной почти во всю стену.


The walls in the bathroom are covered with travertine. To visually enlarge the volume, hang a mirror the width of almost the entire wall.

​​The rest of Federica decided not to reinvent the wheel and stick to the good old classic Mediterranean stone, blue and white palette and wicker furniture on the terrace. And what is necessary with such views, so the sun and the sea so.

Из окошка, похожего на иллюминатор, виден фрагмент террасы.

Out of the window, like a window, visible fragment terraces