What is the difference between the topper and the regular mattress: 5 differences

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Photo: I Buy Women’s forum, a topper is a thin coating (the word literally translates as “what lies above”). Put it on the bed, to soften, to make more rigid or smooth its roughness. But what are the topper different from a regular mattress? Difference 1: the thickness of the topper is always thinner than a mattress. And all because it is only a Supplement thereto or other sleeping place that you need to make it more comfortable for sleeping. Thickness toppers — 2-8 cm, whereas modern mattresses are not thinner than 15 cm (child — 12 cm). Difference 2: Modern spring mattress can be spring and springless. Topper consists only of filler (one or more layers) and cover. And no springs.

Topper for the bed will make a lumpy mattress comfortable to sleep in Unlike 3: the functionality of a topper is not used as a separate bed (mattress used). It is only the addition of a mattress (or other sleeping place), it improves the sleeping comfort. The toppers are soft and hard. Soft felt coating density 25-30 kg/m3 and a hardness of 10-15 kPa (these figures can be seen on the label). It is good to use on a lumpy mattress. Toppers medium hardness suitable for folding sofas (in this case the topper can be folded and put into the box). Hard fit for the mattress, since it is impossible to twist (it will break). With a topper you will sleep on the couch the Difference 4: fixing most of the toppers in the corners have elastic loops or ties, with which they can be fixed on the mattress. And then the topper will not stray. The mattress to the bed base does not fixed. Soft topper from padding polyester or polyurethane easy to roll up and hide in a box for linen Contrast 5: filler Toppers made from various materials. Made from soft polyurethane (there are models with cooling effect), a synthetic winterizer or foam with memory effect (it takes the form of the body during sleep, and recovers rapidly after), and latex (natural and synthetic). Hard mattress is made from coir (coconut fibers) and a hard polyurethane. Many producers indicate that they have orthopedic effect. But it is not. The amount of filler in the topper is not enough for such effect to get the correct mattress.

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