What to do with the old sofa in patchwork: 5 ideas

All the news Finance Women’s Film Sport Auto Health Travel Saturday’s Game What to do with the old sofa in patchwork: 5 ideas&nbsp I Buy 21 hours ago Photo: I Buy Women’s forum Idea 1: decorate sofa cushions patchwork If the upholstery of the sofa is still fresh, but the furniture is already obsolete, just refresh it cushions patchwork. Pillows are easy to make with your own hands. An instructional video to help you. Idea 2: set next to a stylish Ottoman Add interior paint with bright Ottoman in patchwork. It will distract attention from the ugly couch. In addition, there is a more versatile and comfortable furniture than the pouf! Idea 3: tab on the worn sofa parts bright patches If the upholstery of the sofa is not much affected by time, it is possible to sew on her frayed patches of contrasting color or texture of the material. Please note that the structure (thickness and density) the material was identical to the “native” trim. Sofa patchwork is integrated into Provence, which is characterized by rustic charm and comfort. Natalia Sherstyuk Director and designer of design Studio AFFdesign leading design schools, creative workshops, Colored sofa will be the main object of Scandinavian design. And bright posters that will resonate in color, only its complement. Enter the sofa patchwork classic style will be easier if the furniture is designed with curved armrests or overhead covers. In addition, the sofa in the classics, you can maintain vintage items on the walls: panels or tiles. Leather sofa in English style with multi colored pieces of leather speaks of the high cost and the comfort at the same time. It is great for a loft. Idea 4: put an old sofa under a patchwork blanket bright Use in the technique of patchwork to hide the worn sofa. It can also be integrated in the interior are out of date sofa. Idea 5: change the padding fully unleash the imagination! You can merge all the patches in the upholstery of one theme such as floral. Or play on the differences in texture and stitch, tapestry, velvet, silk patches, but the coating in this case you need to do an even thickness, and therefore, the details still have to sew on the base. The flaps can be of different sizes, then the padding will work even with the optical illusion. And the leather cover of the sofa in patchwork make interior expensive. More ideas of how to fit old furniture in the interior: a Fresh look at the old: new life for forgotten things As to add comfort in the house with vintage furniture Five great ideas how to turn old furniture into a new Design. Interior. Fresh ideas follow us in social networks more tips on interior design, new ideas and life hacks that will make your life more comfortable, and the house prettier. Read more •••

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