Where are the most beautiful building in the world?

Architecture has always been an art form, and it designs have a lot of respect. Unlike playing the instrument or writing a novel, designing and building fit for human life of the building requires not only imagination, but also creativity and skill.

Самые красивые здания мира

But in the world there are the most amazing buildings that delight their shapes and beauty. Some of them we will get acquainted.

Hashtag Tower

Architects of the Danish company brought to life an amazing building, The Hashtag Tower (Korea). This residential complex is built in the shape of”#” (hashtag). Major unusual buildings are:

  • 3 axle perpendicularly intersecting with 2 towers;
  • 1 the bridge an underground passage, the other 2 connect the towers together above the earth’s surface;
  • the overall symbolism of the project shows the concept of filling a vacant territory in the form of real three-dimensional objects.
Самые красивые здания мира
Hashtag Tower

The tower is near the business district of Seoul and shows its beauty in the Central district of Seoul. Due to its singularity of this structure can be given the title of the most beautiful homes in the world photos outside, which has a surprising breadth of architectural thought.

The Wave Building

After a great draft pool for the harbour of Copenhagen architectural design idea of Denmark again amazes the world of amazing residential complex wave form:

  • the building is located on an area of nearly three and one-half acres;
  • consists of 5 circular towers;
  • this is a new unique housing that includes sculptural and organic forms to become a new landmark of the city;
  • nine identical floors are designed for each tower that creates a single structure for all five waves.

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The construction of this unusual building began in 2006, although construction was halted due to financial difficulties, but in 2016, resumed in full.

The complex has been designed as a continuation of its surrounding landscape. The project was finally closed at the end of 2018 and is probably the most beautiful modern building in the world.

The Dancing House

Dancing house in the Czech capital Prague is one of the attractions of the city. It was designed in 1992 by Vlado Milunić and Frank Gehry and Croatian-Czech architect. In 1994 construction began, which eventually got the style “Deconstructivism”.

The building received its name from its General appearance, as wave-like structures appear as a pair of dancers. That is why it can be called the most unusual building in the world.

Coin Building

The most beautiful building in the world, perhaps, is a skyscraper in the UAE capital. Due to its spherical shape, this structure has many names, among which we can find are:

  • coin;
  • button;
  • full Moon.
Самые красивые здания мира
Coin Building

The total construction height of 110 meters, with 25 floors, it serves as the headquarters of the construction company Aldar Properties. At the BEX conference in Valencia in 2008, the project has deservedly received the award for “Best futuristic design”.

Egg Building

China has established itself as one of the leading countries in the architecture, which was recently released on the area and very quickly became the leader in this field.

Surpassing the main competitor of the US within a very quick time for Chinese architects brought to life the national centre performing arts (NCPA). The building is shaped like an egg. The complex worth $ 400 million has the following facilities:

  • theater;
  • concert hall;
  • Opera house.
Самые красивые здания мира

External oval body with steel structure consists of over 18,000 titanium plates and 1,000 sheets of ultra-white glass, as one of the largest domes in the world.

Near NCPA is an artificial lake in the shape of a crystal, which does not freeze in winter and does not allow algae to grow in the summer. This lake creates a beautiful reflection, especially at night, when the building changes color.

Самые красивые здания мира
Egg Building

In the world there are many beautiful and very unusual buildings, but they are designed to serve man, which can only thank the brave architects for the implementation of original ideas.