Wood and greenery, the restaurant Viu by Tapiñas near Barcelona


The old mansion of the early twentieth century in the Catalan town of Terrassa designer Elia Felices has turned into a modern space with an abundance of live greenery and natural wood.

A new restaurant in the Catalan town of Terrassa is 35 km from Barcelona saying the name is Tapiñas by Viu (Viu translated from Catalan means “the living”). Designer Elia Felices (Elia Felices) really managed to “revive” house of the early XX century, once belonged to the mayor of the city, and turn an old two-storey mansion with a rich history in fashionable modern prostestant.

Designer Elia Felices.
Its main task of the designer was to get rid of the pathos that lies in the interior of a historic building, and to create a more homely atmosphere, a comfortable place to be for all visitors, regardless of age or social status.

So she chose for the interiors sleek style, simple furniture, natural materials and living green.

For the comfort of home here also meet the comfortable sofas with soft pillows of different colors and sizes as well as custom made furniture like wine cabinets and wooden book shelves decorated with vases, plates and various decorative accessories.

Natural wood and live greenery help to “enliven” the space.

The black chairs look simple and elegant.

The restaurant occupies two floors: on the ground in addition to dining area is a cafe bar, private dining rooms, children’s rooms. From here you get on the open verandas — one located in the courtyard, the second side of the main street Terraces. On the top floor there are VIP rooms and facilities for banquets and private parties.

One of the verandas of the restaurant Viu by Tapiñas.
For the walls of the restaurant selected restrained grey-brown palette is, and use in all areas of natural wood light shade gave a visual unity to all zones and to create a solid, organic space. The main decoration of dining areas — the frescoes from the company Coordonné with the image of palm leaves, the pattern of which echoes with live plants and live greenery in the restaurant a lot: pots and tubs is located not only on the floor but on shelves near the ceiling.
On the wavy wall next to the entrance to the restaurant designer posted a striking decorative panel of embossed elements, which give the unusual optical effect and under a different angle sitelive form different geometric patterns.
On the second floor is the old wooden stairs.
Bathrooms tiled with floral pattern.
The restaurant’s veranda, overlooking the main street Terraces.


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