Bright silk scarves, bags and jewelry: combine the accessories from the new lumbunov



Bright silk scarves, bags and jewelry: combine the accessories from the new lumbunov


Яркие шелковые платки, сумки и украшения: комбинируем аксессуары из новых лукбуков

While the weather in some regions still keeps fashionistas in suspense and does not give a definitive answer on whether there is still hope for the summer or we can prepare for autumn, we propose to ignore the seasons and look at the new accessories that are good in any weather.

1.Cycles Lady

Community Cycles, a Lady based photographer Alena Chandler five years ago, has produced a series of silk handkerchiefs — this accessory is perfect for dynamic those who like to move around on the bike, and bright colors decorate even the most simple outfit.

Cycles Lady


Model Madison Hedrick starred in the new campaign of the brand, where the focus was accessories: belt with logo and bags in a variety of options — from the leather with precious details to jewelry in the style of glam rock.


3.Arny Praht

The brand, known for her minimalist leather bags, launched its first textile collection “Street fashion”, which included belt bags Allee and Spur and backpacks Strass and Durch.

The names derive from German words: the designers, the practicality and versatility of each product resembles the pragmatic approach of the Germans to fashion.

Arny Praht


In August UNOde50 is celebrating 5 years in Russia — the anniversary coincided with the launch of capsules My Energy, consisting of archival models. The collection includes the Osiris ring with the movable element in the form of a ball open bracelet Aligned, composite bracelet Multivitamins cowhide with metallic beads of different sizes, cast ring Mismatch, elongated necklace Distill.


5.Andy Wolf x Pinqponq

This week the Austrian brand Andy Wolf glasses and a German brand accessories pinqponq presented the first joint collection, which included two pairs of glasses in sporty design and two belt bags.

Andy Wolf x Pinqponq

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