How to create the perfect basic wardrobe of women’s branded items


Stylists claim that standard form basic wardrobe is no longer relevant. Fashion does not stand still, and choose the things you need to consider its basic trends. In the framework of a conservative model, it’s time to move into the background. At the first the basic wardrobe should go branded women’s clothing with a list of unusual parameters: extravagance, brightness, originality.

Basic wardrobe – the path to individuality!

Базовый гардероб – путь к индивидуальности!

Assembling a basic wardrobe, a woman should not blindly follow the fashion trends and rules. Why? Because the base is the Foundation of the wardrobe, and every woman she needs to be individualized, taking into account its type of appearance and lifestyle. It is impossible that certain things fit all, no matter how beautiful and original it was.
A basic wardrobe must be modern: colour, bright, visually calling attention to themselves. It’s time to forget about the total domination of black and grey things. Priority for selection is models of a few unexpected hints of lemon, terracotta, red, lavender, etc. They can and should be combined with clothes in cool tones.

What brand items to include in a basic wardrobe woman

Online store presents a huge selection of branded women’s apparel that meets all the latest fashion trends. As from the diversity to choose the bare minimum? Easy if you know the main rule: one bottom in a woman’s wardrobe should be three or four top. From his account for your database, you must purchase:

  • coat and trench;
  • sweater and sweatshirt;
  • shirt and t-shirt;
  • a linen top and blazer.

The choice of “bottom” can be more than modest. In everyday life a woman can look stylish with jeans with a good fit, culottes, pencil skirt or pleated.

Какие брендовые вещи нужно включать в базовый гардероб женщине

In the creation of successful images brand footwear for women plays a key role. With jeans and any other pants perfect combination loafers. Stylish to going out in a coat, dress guarantee the shoes or sneakers. Elegance to almost any autumn outfit branded add ankle boots.
No shoes with heels modern woman can not do. Here we must make a choice in favor of pins ludowego shade. This model is practical, versatile, goes with almost any casual and festive clothing, good visually lengthen legs.