Lady Gaga accused of plagiarism of the song from the movie “a Star is born”

Recently it became known that Steve Rosen – author and performer of songs from Nashville – he discovered similarities to his song “Almost”, released in 2012, and the Oscar-winning hit song with Lady Gaga. In particular, he and his lawyers argue that the three chords (G, A, B) which are consecutive in the song “Shallow”, the singer stole his song. The prosecution demands from Lady Gaga several million dollars, to peacefully resolve the conflict.

“In an effort to amicably resolve this question a few months ago, my office provided the legal team with Lady Gaga, at their request, an official report known and respected historian and Professor, who determined that there was a significant tempo, melodic, rhythmic and harmonic similarity between the two riffs are discussing songs, – said the lawyer Steve Ronsen. Team Lady Gaga has not provided my office, the report of a musicologist, which we requested several times.”

Representatives of the singer called the accusations of Steve Ronsen “blatant extortion” and, apparently, not going to pay a dime. Besides, they resemble a sequence of three chords G-A-B is very widespread. It was used by many musicians in their works. For example, it can be heard in the famous track of the band Kansas “Dust In The Wind”, which was released in 1978.

Lady Gaga at Met Gala 2019

If lawyers Steve Ronsen decide to seek monetary compensation in court, they will have to prove the fact that Lady Gaga heard the song “Almost” before to write the soundtrack to the film “a Star is born”. At the time of arraignment, the composition of Ronsen on SoundCloud were around 300 auditions (now, of course, much more), so that the team of a singer from Nashville will need to provide official casatella that Lady Gaga was among the first three hundred listeners “Almost”. But even this does not guarantee Roseno victory. Many musical people have noticed that with the exception of those three chords between the songs “Almost” and “Shallow” have little in common. But as we already know, a musicologist of Ronsen has a different opinion (see also: “How to fall out of Hollywood: the bright star conflict”).

Recall the song “Shallow” was released in 2018 and became the soundtrack to the film “a Star is born”. Musical composition and its performer was awarded by two awards “Grammy” and “Oscar” and “Golden globe” for best song for the film. “Shallow” was broadcast on radio and television more than 200 million times, and by the beginning of 2019 this song has brought Lady Gaga a few million dollars.

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