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Vladimir Putin's rumored girlfriend Alina Kabaeva appeared in public with a ring on the ring finger


    Thin and pretty Alina Kabaeva opened "Gazprom Cup of champions" in Moscow. Alina has appeared before the audience in a luxurious white dress with the wedding ring on her ring finger.

    The event was named after Alina Kabaeva. Olympic champion, as the hero of the occasion, participated in the opening ceremony in the sports hall "Friendship". Together with her this honorable role shared President of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Irina Viner. Kabaeva has admitted that it is a great honor for her to attend this sports festival. Champion thanked the guests of the event, coming from 32 countries, and wished everyone good luck, said "Sport Express". She also noted the contribution of coach in her sport successes and achievements of the entire Russian team.

    "We have been the first at the Olympics for many years. I wish it would never end!  Our whole life is devoted to only one thing - to make you proud of our country, looking at us. I wish you all to become Olympic champions, to be beautiful - to have a good figure, a beautiful walk. You - the face of our country. " - Alina said.

    Note, the finals of the "Grand Prix" February 19 will be attended by the top eight athletes in each form of the results of training programs Gazprom "Cup  of champions". 


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