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Dress of Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova caused a heated debate

    On the last day of Fashion Week in Paris, Ulyana Sergeenko spring-summer collection was presented. In addition to the impressive location (the show was held in the "Winter Circus" on the Amelot street), there were a list of stellar models, among whom Natalia Vodianova was spotted.

    Russian supermodel walked Ulyana Sergeenko design down the runway, but only one of them found a warm response in the network, and even caused a debate. The bustier dress with the bodice, according to many fans of the girl, strongly distorted figure of Natalia, who recently has given birth to a fifth child. Others, however, argue that the 34-year-old model is in perfect shape, which was emphasized by the controversial outfit. One way or another, all agree on one thing - the founder of the Fund "Naked Heart" can still give younger colleagues a head start.


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