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Olga Buzova's design evokes US first lady Melania Trump


    Olga Buzova continues to generate ideas for her brand Olga Buzova design. Recently, Olga presented the outfit, which is a copy of the suit which Melania wore to the inauguration of her husband in January 2017.

    Olga Buzova copies the image of the first lady of the United States

    Olga Buzova often uses Instagram as an advertising platform for her brand Olga Buzova Design. On February 17 leading of the "House-2" has presented a new model from her collection.

    "My dear, beloved subscribers. The suit is based on a magnificent image of the first lady Melania Trump. I am always inspired by the talented, beautiful and successful people, you are right", - wrote Buzova.

    Attentive subscribers immediately noticed that the TV host was not just inspired by the first lady of the USA, but copied her outfit. Melania debuted her powder-blue inauguration outfit, which consisted of a cashmere cropped jacket and mock turtleneck dress, suede gloves and a suede clutch, all in sky blue. However, in fairness, we note that Mrs. Trump, in turn, obviously reviewed all the photos of Jacqueline Kennedy, which she could find.


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