11 reasons to run (even in cold)

  • This is the easiest and cheapest way to lose weight. An hour to run, you can lose 600 calories. You don’t need a subscription to a gym, expensive equipment or a simulator, enough sets of thermal underwear and a pair of good running shoes.
  • You finally get out into the fresh air. To sit all day in the room not so nice, and the jog in a nearby Park, much variety to the daily routine. By the way, when running outdoors burn up to 30-40% more fat than when exercising indoors.
  • While Jogging can have a good rest. Tell me, how often do you have moments when you don’t think about anything and can just relax and stop being nervous for nothing? Believe me, after 10 minutes of running from the bad (and indeed any) thoughts will not be over.

  • Running – time to listen to your favorite music, which will not only raise the mood and inspire you to new records.
  • While Jogging, you can explore your district. Did you know that in the next street opened a cafe with delicious smoothies, and the house as the week runs a shop selling the perfect shoes?
  • Long Jogging will help improve endurance. After a week of daily half-hour workouts you may be able to claim the title of super woman.
  • Perfect butt and legs – what is not a argument to get up an hour earlier and dedicate it to yourself, and the street sneakers. In General, while running, are utilized almost all the muscles of the human body, including the abdominal muscles and hands.
  • Running rescues from depression. And this, incidentally, is a scientifically proven fact. Remember, what do the heroes of Hollywood films when life is a mess and you just want to hang myself? That’s right, they put on sneakers and go for a jog.

  • While running is cleansing the body. Together with the sweat out of it and harmful toxins.
  • Running develops personal qualities. If you train strictly according to plan and give yourself a descent, then in a short time along with strong muscles, you will have the self-control, discipline, commitment, will power, well and high self esteem.
  • Another reason to spend time with loved ones.
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