20-year-old model Alissa Ramos travels the world for free by men and feels like a princess

Photo from Instagram Alissa Ramos Travel-blogger Alissa Ramos was able to reveal the secret of free travel – but the trick, so to speak, does not fit all.

Over the past five months, blogger and model Alissa Ramos visited Ibiza, London, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai and Florida, without spending a dime. All expenses assumed the man with whom she was acquainted via MissTravel site. Dating site works similarly to Tinder: people who liked each other can agree on a joint vacation at the expense of the host country.

Now Alissa plans to travel to the Bahamas and Greece.

I feel like a princess. It's wonderful and very fun. Because I am so young and I already know the world. Some of my friends older than 30 people have never traveled outside their state.

Alissa emphasizes that goes to the "first date", agrees immediately that there won't be sex, she and generous sponsors sleep in different rooms, or at least on different beds. Despite the fact that the girl thinks her hobby is innocent, she didn't have the courage to tell her parents about it at once.

Would you like to travel like Alissa? Photo: Instagram