5 tips on how to choose a good fitness club (and not regret)

When the strength and motivation to pump his body was found, and the budget allocated to the subscription, is to make the crucial step is to select a fitness club. But even the strongest fuse can go out, if you notice a defect in the service, lack of cleanliness of the changing rooms and poor technical equipment of the Jim zone. Olga Kiseleva, President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry and the network Director World Gym in Russia, shares the most useful tips that will help avoid mistakes in choosing a fitness club dreams.

1. Choose a comfortable location

Need a fitness club that you’re going to go. If you prefer to do in everyday life, choose a room close to work, but if at the weekend — with the house. Just imagine that you have to spend hour on the road, if you chose a room with an uncomfortable location. It is unlikely in this situation you will want to do three times a week (see also: “Express-fitness for those who are always busy”).

2. Go for a trial lesson in the “peak” hours

Very important before purchase of a subscription to go to the fitness club and to assess how it fits your taste. Interior, the smells, the service is and more should you like. But more importantly, to visit the club at peak hours: weekdays before 9am or after 6pm and at weekends. You will appreciate how busy all of the training zone, whether there is a queue at reception for locker keys and how easy is it to breathe in the hall. Sometimes in the fitness clubs with very expensive subscriptions is not enough space for all visitors. Note that in the halls of crowded people, exercise will not bring pleasure.

3. Rate the showers and changing rooms

High price for a subscription does not always indicate high quality of services of fitness club. So whichever room you choose, be sure to check locker rooms and showers at peak time. Even with a large number of people you must be able to pass between the benches with our stuff, and in the shower should not be a queue. About the purity can not speak — it has to be perfect. It is a question of personal hygiene and your comfort, so these items should be treated with special care.

4. Rate the occupancy of the halls of group programs

I don’t think you want to push on a point or yoga in a small room. So prior to purchasing subscription check is that comfortable atmosphere in the halls with group lessons. A critical look at everything from the size of the premises and ending with air conditioning. Also rate the amount of cardio equipment: treadmills, stepper and elliptical. Pre-workout you need a workout, and if little simulators that are you ready every time to stand in line for 20 minutes? (see also: “training in the gym: strength training techniques and program for beginners”)

5. Spend time in the reception area

Ten to fifteen minutes at peak time at the reception is enough to form a complete impression of the fitness club. Communication of staff issues and customer complaints can be concluded about the service and the level of the hall. This is important because sometimes one negative opinion kills the desire to go to the selected place. Typically, the network projects, in contrast to the “novamov”, seriously engaged in the education and training of staff, so problems with communication with customers should arise.

About the author:

Olga Kiseleva — President of the Association of operators of the fitness industry and the network Director World Gym in Russia.

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