Actor from “Indiana Jones” Dmitry Dyachenko died of an overdose.

52-year-old American actor of Ukrainian origin Dmitry Dyachenko died in Florida (USA).

Dmitriy Dyachenko Global Look Press
Dmitriy Dyachenko Global Look Press

According to TMZ, citing a statement by the pathologists, the cause of death was an overdose of drugs.

In addition, the actor was suffering from cardiomegaly — an enlarged heart. Overdose experts have described as accidental — as it was established, Dyachenko took too many prescription drugs.

the opinion reads. The pathologists stress that electrode has nothing to do with the death of the artist. Dyachenko died in April, the family was concerned when he had not been in contact for several days. Among the latest movies Dmitry Dyachenko most famous horror film about Chernobyl “Exclusion zone” where he played a major role. Dyachenko also appears in the film, Steven Spielberg’s “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull” (2008).

Dmitriy Dyachenko Global Look Press

In 2015 Dyachenko hit the headlines of the tabloids when he was accused of animal cruelty. As argued by the court, he cooked and ate a rabbit with his ex-wife. Dyachenko has been sentenced to 60 days in correctional and 48 hours of compulsory works. The actor himself assured that he let go of Bunny and former girlfriend sent photos of how undresses and prepares purchased in advance on the market the carcass.

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Photo:Global Look Press / D. Long, Visual