Actress Nicole Kidman will not seek information about herself on Google


Actress Nicole Kidman has admitted that she is an active user of Google search engine. However, she stressed that she has never looked for information about herself. 

December 10 known worldwide actress Nicole Kidman, along with his colleagues Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar, paid a visit to the British Consulate in Los Angeles.

Nicole Kidman managed to communicate with the media, talked about feelings inside that occur immediately after searching for something in a search engine. While the actress did not deny the fact that she does not like to "dig" into it. Nicole told reporters that she had never had any desire to look for information about herself, her careers, and other details in the network. Her colleagues completely agree with her opinions on the matter.

Nicole Kidman was agitating her fans do not waste their precious time on the new computer technology, and spend their holidays more effectively, and with health benefits.