Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subskaya celebrated the first birthday of the son: as it was

Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская отметили первый день рождения сына: как это былоChildren znamenitostyami Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky celebrated the first birthday of the son: as it was

Over the weekend Sergei was a year old.

Almost exactly a year ago, August 18, in the family of famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin and his wife Anastasia Subsky happened replenishment. In the United States was born the son of the couple, who was named Sergei. Only yesterday the couple first showed the baby’s face by posting photos with the ceremony of baptism, and today in social networks appeared more photos from his birthday which you can see the birthday boy, as they say, in all its glory.

Anastasia Sumska with her son and fatherSubsky Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin with the birthday boy and guests ofthe Celebration the family decided to spend it in one of the suburban restaurants, and among the guests were many friends and relatives Subsky and Ovechkin: the father of Anastasia Kirill shubsky, sisters Anna and Maria Nahapetova with children and others. Younger guests were entertained by a whole team of animators, who tried their best: bubble show successive magic shows, visiting the zoo with llamas is located on the street, and the restaurant was strolling clowns with poodles – in a word, it was never boring. To congratulate a family with a holiday Sergey Zhukov, staged a disco with the hits “Hands up” on the stage of the complex. In the final evening in the hall made a great cake styled after the movie “Boss-sucker” and decorated with figures in the shape of birthday boy and his parents.

Sergei Ovechkin with his brothers and sisterAlexander Ovechkin and Sergei Zhukov