All for the sake of a crown: Prince Philip and the main victim of his life

Prince Philip married Princess Elizabeth in 1947 when she was about to inherit the throne. Her father, king George VI, at that time was only 52 years old, so all of Britain was in full confidence that the throne lilibeth will rise soon.

This gave the opportunity for Philip to fulfill his dream and build a career in the Navy. However, the illness of George VI and his untimely death in 1952 radically changed the plans of the Prince (see also: How Prince Philip told Elizabeth about her father’s death). Princess Elizabeth became Queen, and now Philip was only one possible variant of development of career as the wife of Her Majesty.

Despite the fact that all subsequent years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and until his retirement in 2017 – the Prince around to support his Royal wife, and, according to her, was her “strength and support”, the refusal of your favorite things was a significant sacrifice for His Highness.

During a 2011 interview at Windsor castle, which was recorded in honor of the 90th anniversary of Philip, journalist Alan Titchmarsh asked the Prince, how difficult it was to abandon a naval career after the coronation of Elizabeth.

Philip replied, “I don’t know how it was hard, it was naturally disappointing. I only made to the commanders, and the most interesting in my naval career started.” He continued: “But at the same time, being married to the Queen, it seemed to me that my first duty is to serve best the crown.”

Sources close to the Queen and her husband, confirmed the words of Prince: “the Loss of a naval career heavily on Philip. But at the same time he was determined to be with her and help her.”

In August 2017 the Duke officially stopped performing Royal duties and became rarely appear at public events. Prince Philip, who is 98 years old now, most of the time at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk, about 170 miles from London and is resting on a Forest farm of the manor. After retirement it is present only there, where other members of the Royal family (including weddings, grandchildren) and Church services (see also: The Prince Philip engaged in retirement and how his life has changed).

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