“And this is plus-size?” Ashley Graham Shamed & Attacked For Slim Figure

30-year-old model plus-size Ashley Graham was attacked in the Network for being too “skinny” photo.

Chubby Ashley Graham has published a number of portraits in the bright pink-yellow-green dress that showed her noticeably skinny figure. As it turned out, the fans loved her not for it — they’re ashamed mannequin for weight loss. Now her Instagram is full of such comments: “I can’t believe it. Eat a cheeseburger!”, “And this is plus-size? Obviously no more!”, “I decided to become like everyone else?”

However, there are words of encouragement: “you’ve always had a pretty face but now you look like a healthy, active woman, taking care of myself.”

To support fans, Ashley Graham released a new photo on the background of bright leaves of palm trees and delicious folds. However, the followers suspect it’s an old photo.

And what body Ashley Graham do you like more?