Princess Diana and model with display Gucci SS 2020

Seemingly out of the closet men we took everything already. However, there are still a few details that we can pick up from the battlefield, and the new trend that once again confirms come back into fashion ties, who once was for women not just a fancy accessory, but a loud political statement.

In the early XX century feminists used it as a symbol of the fight against gender-based formalism. In 40-ies in suits and ties went to the icon generation Marlene Dietrich, making them one of the chips of his own style, at the same time and typing accessory in a mass fashion. Imitators, the actress was rife, and so to create a real hysteria around things she was not difficult. For appearing in costume at that time could take to the police, so wearing a jacket, trousers and tie as a finishing touch had all the chances to turn out to women are a real disaster (see also: History of the trend: why the suit is the perfect uniform at all times). Favorite Dietrich was the bow tie – more playful and childish, but no less eccentric at the time. However the classic variations in the wardrobe of the actress and singer was enough – for example, black and white or printed “polka-dot”.

Marlene Dietrich in 1932a portrait of the actress 1933Dietrich in 1933,the Actress in the movie “Seven sinners” (1940)

In the 80s, a tie was no less a success: Diane Keaton starred in the woody Allen film Annie Hall, “lit up” accessory in many scenes. The character then Keaton became a favorite in the fashion world due to her androgynous and easy on-screen wardrobe in record time in 1977, bringing the list of trends in the khaki pants, ties and sweater vests.

A scene from the movie “Annie Hall” with Diane Keaton in the title role

In addition, noted the ties and the dresses of Princess Diana, who actively was of unexpected accessories and especially loved to tickle the Royal experts, appeared in bizarre costumes, seemingly uncharacteristic member of the Royal family (see also: How the royals wear the pantsuit).

Princess of Wales in 1988Diana in 1985

Now cross-dressing women in men’s clothing has long been considered the norm (though the reverse effect – men in dresses – all the more puzzling conservative audience). Women the versatility of this menswear only advantage: tie – cool and interesting accessory that can be styled not only to create an outfit an office clerk, but also as an accent for an everyday look (see also: the top 20 trends for spring and summer, 2020 to experiment with style).

Ermanno ScervinoMargaret Howell

Although the accessory has a formal connotation, there is in it something daring and bold that makes this simple thing is particularly interesting for experiments. Designers in the new season, of course, have done everything for us. Gucci, Ermanno Scervino and Margaret Howell went the beaten track and combined it with deliberately masculine things, loose pants, oversized shirts, suits and restrained coat. And Max Mara chose a safe path, offering accessories tone on tone to dresses and shirts.

AreaGucciMax MaraMax Mara

To find the most trendy accessory is now particularly simple. The most obvious option is to borrow from their men. You can find typically feminine choices that has long produced brands in the new collections. And you can wear it wrapped as a tie, you can casually throw it over your neck or use as headband-the headband on the head.

How to wear the trend


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