“The phenomenon of ZARA” Covadonga O’shea

Before you the success story of one of the most influential international companies in the fashion world, which made a revolution in the field of fashion retail, having won millions of fashionistas around the world for its design, affordability and originality. The brands of Inditex Group: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Oysho, Bershka – have success around the world. Who is behind the creation of a huge fashion structure, what are the secrets of their phenomenal success, the founders are hiding? All this (and much else) – in this piece!

“I – Coco Chanel”

One of the main discoveries of the XX century was Coco Chanel. She opened Woman, stylish, beautiful and confident. The fate of the Chanel is unique, and her words have become aphorisms. Quotes fashion designer, describing her life and creative way, interesting details and biographical facts – all this helps you to understand the vital principles of the Chanel. It is in his example, demonstrated to the world that self-expression, independence, and individuality available to anyone, both women and men. This book is the inspirational life story of the inimitable and amazing Women.

“Issey Miyake: a Poet of clothing” Alla Gracheva

Japanese fashion designer and designer Issey Miyake is one of the brightest and most uncompromising open end of the XX century in the world of fashion. In this book you will find the story of how the boy had miraculously survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, has become the most well-known Asian designer, and officially entered the “Japanese movement” in the annals of world fashion. Issey Miyake – a true inventor and innovator of new technology and fabrics, incredible ideas and concepts. Being the head of the entire Empire, he did not stop for a minute, continuing to create fantastic images and collections.

“My shocking life” Elsa Schiaparelli

The name Elsa Schiaparelli fashion marked a whole era, having been performed all over the world: full of adventure and unexpected turns the life of a designer is inextricably linked with the history of high fashion. For Schiaparelli there is nothing impossible, and each collection was a sensation and was a huge success. It was she who created the prototype of the modern boutique, and laid the foundations of what today is called pret-a-porter. In her book she talks about plans, unfulfilled expectations and achieved goals, love and hostility, which was raised life of an outstanding designer.

“The Bible of fashion” Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn – host of “Project Runway”, a great connoisseur and researcher of fashion, witty, and elegant man. In his book it is exciting and interesting to talk about every garment created since ancient times. Going with him on an exciting journey through the world of fashion, you will learn about her UPS and downs, the evolution of different things – from Cleopatra’s crown to Helen of sandals, from the business suits of the characters of the TV series “Dynasty” to pant suits Hillary Clinton. In 1960-e years in America “killed” underwear? How crinolines, corsets, chain mail and tunics are associated with the modern world of high fashion? All of these questions you’ll meet Tim Gunn.

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