Blonde, Aqua, acid green roots and beyond: how to change hair color 18-year-old Billy Iles

18-year-old Billy Iles done the noise: has released two hit albums, took five awards, “Grammy-2020”, became the singer of the theme song to the new film about James bond and idol number one. All thanks to the remarkable talent and outrageous way, an integral part of which is the bold colouring. The evolution of hair color Billy in the new material!

Billy Iles (January, 2017) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Ailes (March, 2017) Global Look Press / Birdie Thompson / AdMedia
Billy Iles (October, 2017) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Iles (October, 2017) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Iles (September, 2018) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Iles (Aug 2018) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Iles (December, 2018) Global Look Press
Billy Ailes (March, 2018) Global Look Press / Birdie Thompson / AdMedia
Billy Iles (April 2018) Instagram / @billieeilish
Billy Iles (November, 2019) Global Look Press / ImagePressAgency / face to face

Courage Billy Iles envy every: one can not decide to the slightest change of image, the young singer only so dyes her hair. You will be surprised, but we counted no less eight spectacular beauty makeover in three years. Billy appeared with a gray and dark gray hair, painted in bright blue and turquoise, was a brunette and a redhead, and now emblazoned with the acid-green roots. Latest coloring Billy was so spectacular and unexpected that deserved to hit the top ten of the most impressive transformations of stars for 2019.

Unlike the sisters Kardashian-Jenner, Billy earnest, experimenting with looks, and not buying wigs. The only time when the singer was done without staining, is when she was filming a video for the song “Xanny”. Billy must have felt the brown is too boring.

What it is — natural hair color Billy Ailes? To answer the question is easy, if you go to the Instagram account of the singer and find her baby pictures. In these pictures Billy appears only as a blonde. Unexpectedly, isn’t it?

More striking beauty images Billy Ailes look in our photo gallery!

Would you dare to repeat one of the creative coloring of the singer? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Photo:Global Look Press, Instagram / @billieeilish