Камила Кабелло написала эссе о своем психическом расстройстве: News about zvezdochnye Cabello wrote essays about their mental disorder: “I felt something inside of me hurts, but I can’t cure”

A Frank letter to the singer attracted the attention of people around the world.

23-year-old singer hit Havana Camila Cabello wrote an essay for the publication of the WSJ Magazine. The letter is timed to the Month of mental health in USA this may. The girl said that for some time suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Suppress the symptoms, it helps cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and breathing practices. And today disorder bothers her not so much as once.

Here is what is not in the pictures last year: I was crying in the car telling my mom about my anxiety and symptoms of OCD. My mom and I read in the hotel room books on OCD, because I desperately need help. I have a constant, unwavering anxiety, which complicates the painful daily life.

I didn’t want people who thought I was strong, capable, and confident, the men who most believed in me, I learned that I feel weak. A little voice in my head saying that if I honestly tell you about their mental problems and inner battles (that is, if I’m an ordinary man) people will think that with me something not that I’m weak or that I don’t know how to cope with the difficulties.

OCD has many different forms. I was tormented by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions. In short, I thought my mind played me some cruel joke. I had problems sleeping, headaches and a constant lump in my throat.

For a long time I felt that R & d dampens my humor, joy, creativity and confidence. Now anxiety and I are good friends. I listen to her because I know she’s just trying to protect me. But still I don’t give her too much attention – I will not allow her to take back control of my life.

– says the artist.