Charlize Theron on parenting: “I teach them to respect others”

Шарлиз Терон о воспитании детей: Children of Theron znamenitostyami about parenting: “I teach them to respect others”

The actress shared details of the relationship with children and secrets about how she manages to do everything.

The journalists of Us Weekly, the actress and mother of two gave a short interview right after the awards at the annual ceremony of Elle magazine – Women in Hollywood. Charlize Theron told what principles are important in the upbringing of daughter and son:

Important for me is kindness. We sort of live in one religion, which States: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I teach them to respect others and to think about others before yourself.

It should be noted, the actress lately has been much criticized on the educational methods: many people think it’s weird that she calls the older son, 7-year-old Jackson, the girl and allows you to dress the part (how did the gender determination of her son, she told me recently).

Charlize Theron and Jackson

Charlize recently got two puppies, and her home care has increased several times. The actress admitted that struggling to balance his personal life and acting career and now she has no nanny, although six months ago in another interview, Theron said the assistant she had:

My life is a bit overloaded. I recently had three surgeries, and now I am promoting two new films… besides, now I don’t have a nanny, but help me close. And I know I would not be able to do anything else, if they do not. For example, today, while I’m here, with the dogs watching friend, and the children is my mother. She cooks them dinner.

It turned out that on the set the actress tore a ligament in his arm and was wearing a bandage a couple of times the paparazzi photographed.