Confused in America: with Donald trump was an embarrassment

At the weekend, the attention of Americans was riveted to the main sports event of the year — match of the “super bowl” for the championship of the National football League USA. Donald trump is traditionally for the occasion had a party Super Bowl LIV in his estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

After the match, the President published a post congratulating the winning team on Twitter: “Congratulations “Kansas city Chiefs” with a great game and a fantastic comeback, perfect under tremendous pressure. We are proud of you and the great state of Kansas.” Trump’s statement was probably quite sincere, if not one “but” – team Kansas city has nothing to do with the state of Kansas and is based in Missouri.

Tweet the White house has produced a bombshell among the followers of the President and the fans, who immediately pointed to his geographic illiteracy. The well-known politician Claire McCaskill, which until the end of 2018 represented this state in the Senate, wrote in response: “It’s Missouri, is over you idiot.”

Many began to openly mock the President. One user expressed concern that “the person who knows the geography on the level of the third class, entrusted with the nuclear codes”. “Atlantic city is the capital of the Atlantic ocean,” wrote writer and Director Justin Bateman.

Scandalous record was immediately removed from Twitter, but at this moment in the social network was gaining momentum, the hashtag: “Prototypical”. The protection of trump immediately, he released his supporters, who pointed out to users in the United States there are two cities with Kansas city, but one of them is in the state of Kansas, and the other is in Missouri. They noticed that a similar error is widespread among Americans.

By the way, this is not the first embarrassing incident with trump, who is known for his poor knowledge of geography. One of the advisers on the national security of the US President told me that he constantly makes mistakes in the names of other countries. So, one day he called Nepal Nipple (“nipple”), and the name Bhutan seemed funny because it looks like the English word button (“button”).

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