Дочь Билла Гейтса выходит замуж за жокеяStar paradoce bill gates is married to a jockey

23-year-old daughter of bill gates, Jennifer received an offer of marriage from her beloved Naila, Nassar.

Some five years ago about the personal life of the daughter of one of the world’s richest people bill gates, Jennifer was unknown. Father strongly protected her from public attention. But then Jennifer became an adult, began to Instagram where he posted photos from the competition on the beloved equestrian sport and from school (Jennifer is a student of the faculty of biology at Stanford University). After some time there appeared pictures and her boyfriend – also a rider – Egyptian Naila, Nassar.

Jennifer and nailthe Pair did not hide their feelings: the lovers supported each other at the Championships in dressage and show jumping and travelled a lot. Yesterday Jennifer posted a post that told me about them Nilam engagement.

Nail Nassar, you are special. You put me in a stupor last weekend, making an offer in the most memorable place for us on Earth. I really want to spend my life with you – learning, growing, laughing and loving. I say Yes a million times! wrote the daughter of bill gates.

Apparently, Jennifer’s father approves of her choice. Nail well educated, graduated from Stanford, and, as they say, his ancestors were the Egyptian priests.

Jennifer’s father bill Getcompanies call one of the modest daughters of famous people – gates raised her in line. For example, the first smartphone Jen won only 14 years and could use them only 45 minutes a day. But the daughter’s hobby horses bill, supported just by buying her a training site for 37 million dollars in Florida.

Jennifer’s success has not gone unnoticed – along with the daughters of Steve jobs and Steven Spielberg it is part of the American national team in equestrian sports.