Diane von Furstenberg “earned” $ 100 million selling stars of the American flag

Диана фон Фюрстенберг News about zvezdochkina von Furstenberg “earned” $ 100 million selling stars of the American flag

Of course, all proceeds will go to a good cause.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg loves new York’s Museum of the statue of Liberty. That’s just to fully enjoy the attractions of recent years, it interfered with the state of the object, which is clearly in need of massive restoration. Solved the problem radically Diana: she did not ask for help from the state and self-raised funds to repair the Museum of the statue, and other needs in detail.

Assistance was provided by Franco-American artist Ahn Duong, where the designer has ordered a mural of a us flag Liberty Star. Now the artwork will decorate the entrance to the Museum of the statue of Liberty. About your idea enterprising Diana told her fellow millionaires and billionaires of the Forbes list. They were asked to contribute to the restoration of the statue, buying one of the stars of the mural. The cost of each started with two million dollars. The initiative was supported by former new York mayor and businessman Mike Bloomberg, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos and Director George Lucas.

For the first time about his idea, von Furstenberg spoke at the annual Met Gala, showing up in the image of Lady Liberty.

In addition, tomorrow on HBO will premiere the documentary “Liberty: Mother Of Exiles” about this monument. Diana is among the producers of the picture. She also played the role of narrator in the tape.