Distress signal: how Princess Diana tried to tell us that her marriage is not all right

Princess of Wales and Prince Charles tied the knot in 1981. Many experts claim that the Royal couple has not found a common language immediately and their Union was rather weak. Up to 1992, neither the public nor even the media had no idea that behind the broad smiles, which lady Di and Prince Charles showed the public, lies disappointment and unhappiness. None of the Royal couple, of course, were not allowed to show disorder in public.

In his book “the Princess William” (“William’s Princess”) Royal reporter Robert Jobson told how he attended a party in honor of the 30th anniversary of Princess Diana in 1991, and “immediately noticed her distress,” although all the participants tried not to react to the behavior of Her Highness.

According to the biographer, lady Di on his birthday tried to pay attention to one simple fact – the party was not Prince Charles. Robert Jobson writes: “She was trying to send secret signals to show everyone that her marriage is in trouble, and she didn’t care, someone to talk about it”. While lady Di was acting Nintendo and nervous, wound up the conversation with all the guests and certainly focused on his wife (or rather – its absence at the ceremony).

Mr. Jobson said that the ceremony held in the Savoy: “Everyone struggled tried to look cool and restrained, but no one that did not work, as they impatiently looked at the door at every sound and movement, waiting for the arrival of the future king”.

He continued: “Prince Charles did not come to the feast of Diana”. According to Jobson, Diana previously rejected attempts by a spouse to have a party, “feeling perhaps that the proposal comes from a feeling of propriety, not from a sincere desire to make her happy.”

Despite this, “none of those present that day would have believed that a year and a half, Prime Minister John major will say hushed House of Commons that Charles and Diana should leave,” summed up the story of the Royal reporter.

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