“Dopamine hunger” – a new term in modern psychology that entails a simple practice. American psychologist Cameron Sepah (University of California) was one of the first who began to say that soap operas, online games, time spent in gadgets, parties, clothes shopping and delicious food, shopping via the Internet, fast food, restaurants, alcohol and other substances, thrills, pornography – these are the kind of drugs that cause dopamine addiction. Read more about what is the dopamine starvation and how it affects our brain to understand together with the psychologist Olga Romaniv.

We enjoy pleasant emotions, but then the degree of happiness is declining, and we need a new dose of pleasant emotions, again to feel alive. The SEPs sure that the constant pursuit of pleasure harms our psyche and suggests to practice the rejection of the usual lifestyle, the so-called neurochemical reset.

In his opinion, modern man must learn to deny themselves the pleasures. At least once a week to give up watching soap operas, online games, shopping and gadgets. Arrange at least once in a month weekend without what you are used to and what brings you pleasure. Holiday to abandon everything, what do you do at home. To lead another way of life: without the Internet, cinema, fast food and other things.

That gives neurochemical reset? Abandoning the usual things that bring you the fun for 1-2 days or a week, so you get a real reboot and need to rest your mind and your body. You ask: what bad can be in the series? Because there is no more harmless Hobbies than that.

In fact, however, even this hobby takes you a lot of time out of life, which you could spend on something more interesting or to use for their development.

Moreover, there is a serious problem, being fond of quick gratification, people “hooked” on them like a drug, unable to stop, even if this passion entails sleepless nights, fatigue and other side effects.

In modern psychology, there were even special directions that help people to get rid of this dependency type. For example, there are methods of getting rid of Internet and TV addiction. However, this is not so simple. Internet content is another world, another reality, where you can completely disconnect, to live events that are happening on the screen, and not to solve the problems that exist in real life.

The fact that people can run away from your problems in a parallel reality is extremely addictive, and because the problem requires serious measures. A similar situation may happen with other quick pleasures that we napranum my life – food, pornography, unnecessary purchases.

Dopamine fasting will be the solution to this problem because it is very important to control their minds and not allow the dependencies to win. A conscious approach to consumption information and the ability to prioritize are two most important key to creating a better life (see also: clean slate: best books that will help you to start a new life).

Olga Romaniv and family psychologist.

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