Egor Krid decided to protect a strange girl

0 Egor Krid decided to protect a strange girl Егор Крид решил защитить незнакомую девушку

Position Yegor creed was supported by Sergey Lazarev, Sergey Zverev and other stars of Russian show business. Egor published in Instagram video which was shot during the detention of the protesters in Moscow. The video shows a man in the form drags, and then punches the girl in the ribs. Egor could not ignore this video party and wrote to Instagram, it will try to find and punish the man who did this:

“I saw this tin in YouTube and can’t pass this by! How can you be such a bastard to hit you in the gut the weaker sex. Do not care what she did, this just should not happen!

I very much hope that it will PAY attention to find him, punish him and it is still not away with it!!! I have already personally put in a request and I promised to find!

If anyone has any information on who this “policansky”, and name Girls send me direct.


Since almost my every action or decision attracts the attention of the public and is being actively discussed, I will try to channel it in the right direction and attract the attention to that the maximum number of people. Can I have more, your right, BUT by THIS violence I will not be held, just painful to watch…”.

I will remind that the day before this video August 10, the day of the meeting Egor spoke in the Park of Culture. Many were sure about the performance of the top artists asked the authorities, in order to protect people from large concentrations in the centre of the city, where riots broke out. One of these artists was creed, who was accused of carrying out the order of the government.

Егор Крид решил защитить незнакомую девушку

“Confirmed #EKfamily and simply not indifferent people! There was a murmur around my performances in Gorky Park on August 10 and I understand why there are negative, explain: may 10, weather conditions and the recommendations of the Ministry of emergency situations (and not because I did not want, as he wrote to the same media) was cancelled my gig at the festival “Moscow Spring Acapella”. I promised the fans that we will see each other again and agreed on a new date for the performance on August 10. I’m in PG for his fans, not in order to distract people from the important things in the country. If you want to go to the meeting this day – it is your right, and if I’m not mistaken, there also will be some concert + IC3PEAK declared my favorite and I can not shake and do not want to swing for any of the parties, even though I am FOR fair elections! I do not climb in a policy and you me there plz do not ascribe to;) the Music it should not be. All peace and goodness”,

– responded to all of these assaults creed.

Егор Крид решил защитить незнакомую девушку