Elon Musk has recorded his first dance track in 10 months after release rap about murdered gorilla

Илон Маск записал свой первый танцевальный трек через 10 месяцев после релиза рэпа об убитой гориллеNews about zvezdilin Musk recorded his first dance track in 10 months after release rap about murdered gorilla

The head of Tesla never ceases to amaze.

Entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, investor, philanthropist, billionaire, and now the rapper faces of talent are innumerable. In April last year, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has surprised fans and the entire world, not to dissemble, releasing their first music track. After nearly a year of inspiration again came to the extravagant businessman and led him to the creation of dance composition.

Solo a track in the genre of EDM (electronic dance music) got the name Don’t Doubt ur Vibe. And I must say, Elon Musk previously held a “large-scale” PR-the company in their social networks. The night before he announced on Twitter the name of the track, a few hours later announced that writes it on his own label G Records Emo. And just before the release published a few photos from the recording Studio and renamed its page – changed the nickname to the abbreviation “E D” M. In one of the tweets even Elon admitted that it was hard for the creative process.

This track, like the previous one, you can listen on the Sound Cloud service. Users streaming service evaluated a new creation Mask: in the comments many said the music “space” mood and that it made them dream of flying to the moon on the Tesla. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy?

We will remind, last year Elon released the song RIP Harambe, which was written about the gorilla Harambe shot in the U.S., the Cincinnati zoo, three years ago. In the cell to the animal then fell three year old boy. Harambe to see a child interested in it and began to pull his leg on the cage. Overt aggression, the animal does not show, but, with the security of the boy in the priority, zoo staff decided to shoot the animal in order to avoid tragic consequences. The incident has divided society in half: some were convinced that it was the only way out of the situation, while others embraced the murder Harambe as the cruelty to the rare animal that wouldn’t hurt the boy. The song tells about what would now have to engage the animal if it was alive.

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