Elsa Pataky congratulated Chris Hemsworth on birthday: “You make us happy”


The star couple

Elsa Pataky congratulated Chris Hemsworth birthday: “You make us happy”


Эльза Патаки поздравила Криса Хемсворта с днем рождения:

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

Yesterday, on August 11, the famous actor Chris Hemsworth turned 36 years old. For this reason his 43-year-old wife Elsa Pataky has published in his Instagram a few family photos and touching congratulated her husband’s birthday.

Happy birthday to my favorite person, my husband, my partner, my love, the best dad in the world. I’m so proud of you and who you are. Never cease to amuse us. You make every moment of our lives happy

— she wrote.

Эльза Патаки и Крис ХемсвортКрис Хемсворт и Эльза ПатакиКрис Хемсворт с дочерью Индией РоузКрис Хемсворт с сыновьями Тристаном и Сашей

For a series of shots Chris captured along with Elsa and their children: seven-year-old daughter India rose, and five-year-old sons Tristan and Sasha. The marriage of the actor, in contrast to the marriage of his younger brother Liam, were much more durable — on Elsa Pataky Chris Hemsworth have been married for almost nine years. As an actress, at first her husband was hard to combine an acting career with fatherhood, to which he just was not ready, but nevertheless on the first place he always put family.

He always tried to do everything to be the best father, and never failed me. I always knew that the most important thing for him in life — family,— said she.

Крис Хемсворт и Эльза Патаки
Крис Хемсворт и Эльза Патаки

Now the star couple is preparing to move into a luxurious mansion worth $ 20 million near the Australian city of Byron Bay. The construction of the house, which lasted almost three years, finally ended, and now the couple is ready to celebrate the housewarming.