22-year-old British girl Shannon BATT recently posted a seemingly innocent selfie to Instagram.

Shannon Butt Twitter

The girl didn’t expect to be in the picture from the restroom not alone.

After 37 minutes after a photo went to her Instagram feed, she blushed to find that her boyfriend Henry was in the frame, reflected in a mirror opposite. He was busy with the routine — but not typical of demonstrations in social networks — the priests wiping after using the toilet:

she laughs on Twitter, where friends Shannon persuaded her to perability funny scenes with Henry’s permission. Now in office for almost 11 thousand retweets and 130 thousand likes. Edition Unilad contacted the girl to ask many question: why Shannon was photographed when Henry was busy with such an intimate process? “I was already in the washroom when he came in, I warned him that taking pictures and he continued, so I just took photos and left,” she explains.

By the way, in the comments actively discussing the hygienic technique used by Henry, finding it ineffective. “Who wiped standing up? This is not so,” “I am concerned because I do not see toilet paper” — write the users of Twitter.

And have you ever had such dangerous selfie?

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