Family secrets: the king of Belgium recognized illegitimate daughter

King albert II, 2015

In 2013, a year before the Belgian king albert II abdicated in favor of his son Philip, and lost legal immunity, Dolphin, and much needed, 51-year-old artist from Belgium, who called himself the illegitimate daughter of the monarch, initiated legal proceedings for recognition of paternity of king albert II.

Seven years later, after the Dolphin has filed a lawsuit to establish paternity, the court of Brussels ordered the Belgian king to undergo a DNA test. And today, January 28, RTBF radio company, referring to the statement of lawyers of albert II, announced that the Belgian king was acquainted with the results of the examination and acknowledged his paternity.

The Dolphin the much needed, 2019

By the way, albert II agreed to only official data, obtained thanks to a DNA test, noting that in no way will participate in the life of Dolphins, and much needed.

Moreover, the king of Belgium a long-delayed passage of the examination, and in may last year the court of Appeal of Brussels gave him a warning that in case of failure, for each overdue day of the Belgian monarch will be issued a fine in the amount of five thousand euros.

According to the woman, she found out about their origins only at 18 years of age when her mother, Baroness Sybille de Celis Langsam, told her about an extramarital affair with albert II, which took place in the 1960-ies.

Dolphin much needed in the courthouse, 2015

Officially, her father was considered to be ex-husband of Baroness Sybille de Celis Longcham Jacques much needed, however, according to insider reports, he does not communicate with the Dolphins and excluded from the will.

By the way, after Prince albert acknowledged paternity, the Dolphin the much needed has the right to claim the eighth part of the inheritance. According to the lawyer of the plaintiff, the culmination of many years of the trial brought her relief, but did not heal from trauma.

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