Melania trump in 2005

In 2005, Melanie was invited to appear in the video, advertising the services of the insurance company Aflac. It is worth noting that the script of the video was quite extraordinary. In the story of two men, like the doctor from the novel “Frankenstein”, putayutsya to conduct a mad experiment on the character Melania and… duck. As a result of manipulation of the electricity model and the bird change places, then the duck says a girls voice, and the expressive grunts at the end of the video.

The promotional video is pretty quickly forgotten, however, as we know, nothing on the Internet disappears without a trace. Recently, netizens remembered the video, after which it instantly became viral. Reaction to the video has been mixed – critics considered him a failure and left a lot of mocking comments. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our first lady”, “Honestly, I’ve seen this ad many times, but I never noticed that it was Melania”, “That’s what she’s capable of”.

Others, on the contrary, praised the ad: “Interesting”, “I kinda like the duck says sexy voice Melania”. By the way, the same opinion is shared by the President trump, who two years ago was proud to remind employees of Aflac that his wife starred in their advertising in 2005, and noticed that, in his opinion that is was a huge success.

Earlier Melania also spoke about this work (though not with pride, but rather with sarcasm): “I am delighted that my acting debut in the latest Aflac commercial. Donald is known that says, “You’re fired”. Maybe I will be known by the fact that they say “Aflac””.

It is interesting that the most attentive viewers noticed that the voice Melania in advertising was dubbed by another actress, because at the time of filming, the future first lady was a strong Slovenian accent.

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Photo: Getty Images