Первая прогулка: Хлоя Севиньи с сыном Ваней и бойфрендом Синишей в Нью-ЙоркеChildren znamenitostima walk: Chloe sevigny with his son Joe and Sinisa boyfriend in new York

His version might look like a young mother, two weeks ago gave birth to a son, presented to Chloe sevigny. Her choice of tight pants and heels!

The star of the show “American horror story” and the film “Last days of disco, Boys don’t cry” Chloe sevigny and her boyfriend, art Director of the gallery, Karma Art in new York, Sinisa Makovich, became parents for the first time in early may. Recently hosted the first outing of the newly created family of three – they were seen at the apartment of the actress in new York.

Chloe, of sines, and Joe during the first walkChloe sevigny with synods walk 45-year-old Chloe picked a figure-flattering flared trousers – this style she wore before pregnancy and during, and, as we can see, and an elongated jacket and blue shirt in boho-style. Comfortable sneakers she chose heeled ankle boots – wide and sustainable. Hands sevigny kept a tiny son, hidden colored diaper, and cautiously looked at the paparazzi. It was first depicted with a child on the hands during a walk, and on his return from the hospital – then photographers “caught” sevigny without her knowing, and she tried to quickly escape home.

Chloe, Sinisa and John return from the hospital

Welcome to this world, Vanya sevigny Makovich. He was born may 2 in new York. I want to thank all the hospital staff Mt. Sinai East for their courage, fortitude and kindness, especially nurses because they were gentle and patient. Blessed are the families whose children are born in this time,– wrote in Instagram Chloe, telling the world about the birth of a son. With the child’s father, gallerist Sinisa by Makovecz, she found more than a year (the exact date of the beginning of their romance is difficult to determine, as the rumors went a long time, but together, they first saw only last summer). To Sinisa Chloe met model Luke the Sabbath, ex-boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian, who is younger than her 20 years.

Chloe, Sinisa and Vanya