Flavor of the day: Pasha de Cartier Parfum

The elegance that is difficult to repeat, is invested in the core of each Cartier perfume and collections of fragrances Pasha managed to implement it fully and clearly. And, of course, is in a striking fougere accord, which United every fragrance line.

He never ceases to be relevant and to subdue his magic for over three decades (the fragrance of Pasha de Cartier was created in 1990-m to year), so the house Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent has decided to give the iconic creature second wind: the new version is a bold, Sizzling and intense perfume Pasha de Cartier Parfum is preparing to re-conquer the world of perfumery in February 2020 – a new interpretation corresponding to the main challenges of our time.

Watch PASHA Cartier

For this Matilda tried to preserve the characteristic Pasha aromatic base, but to diversify its woody and amber notes, using the best ingredients from around the world. Amber – for a futuristic, sandalwood – for the passion and essence of patchouli from Indonesia to impart olfactory pyramid truly Royal elegance and luxury. They directly associate the aroma with the motives of the original Pasha de Cartier.

When you create a new version of the perfume special attention was paid to the design of the bottle. Here, inspired by the eponymous watch PASHA object of passion with a blue sapphire cabochon, a unique symbol of Cartier.

“Bold, bright and sophisticated fragrance will not leave anyone indifferent, like its owner, will never go unnoticed”.

From the official press release of the fragrance

Pasha de Cartier Parfum,Pasha de Cartier Parfum

Basic notes: woody, amber

Price: 6 600 RUB (50 ml), 9 600 RUB 9100 ml)

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Photo: Getty Images, archives of press services