Former producer of Sergey Lazarev told who gave birth to the singer’s son


Former producer of Sergey Lazarev told who gave birth to the son of the singer. This writes 

Reporters talked to Leonid Dzyunik who worked with Sergey Lazarev during the time of the duet Smash !!. According to him, the singer at one time was close to one of their common friend, who told Dzyunik about passionate sex with Lazarev.  

Dzyunik also denied rumors that one of the Lavarev's fans could give birth to his son, as he keeps his distance and always respectful to girls. As a result, Leonid Dzyunik said the most likely he has child using surrogate mother, because Lazarev is close to Philip Kirkorov, who also has two children conceived in this way.

Recall that in late 2016 Sergey Lazarev wrote on the Instagram, that he has a son named Nikita, which is 2.5 years. He was forced to report it after the paparazzi photographed him with the child and an unknown woman in Moscow at the time, when they got into the car.

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