From emo t-shirts and tight jeans pgov to: people talking about bad things can’t stop wearing

Users of the site Reddit to discuss what long out of fashion the things they still can’t get rid of.

Trend has launched a visitor website with the nickname u/420kristea420.

the girl wrote.

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In the comments people mention hoodies with the thumb hole, t-shirts with emo symbols, skinny jeans, uggs, ballet flats, cardigans with flowing edges and not only.

“Sunglasses on the head. I learned that from my mom, but it was ridiculed by the teenagers at the grocery store because it is old-fashioned. But there a simple way to hide dirty hair!!!”, — says one of the wearer. “The model of cardigans and jackets “waterfall”. I live as if we are still in 2012 and have no regrets,” says another.

“Oh, I just can’t do without their old t-shirts with emo bands! I feel that growing up (and not need to go in costume), but I will be heartbroken if I get rid of all their worn t-shirts with MCR!”, “T-shirt long sleeve under shirt with short sleeves. I love this combination and I don’t care. It’s so cozy, the Ugg boots and uggs the boots. Every year I tell myself I’m more practical, and then wear this soft perfection and refuse to remove them until spring”, — write in comments.

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People remember a relatively recent fashion trends, which today, stylists do not recommend to wear. “I love those dramatic sleeves that were fashionable in the years 2017-2018. They impractical? Yes. Outdated? Brand”, “Bodycon dresses. They may not be super cinavia, but I keep hearing that they are out of date. But they well for me to sit, raise my ass and it’s easier just to go to the event” — sharing users.

Do you have a favorite old thing?

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