Gender-Fluid Actress Kelly Mantle can get”Oscar” Award in the nomination “Best actor” and “Best Actress”


For the first time in the history of the "Oscar"award one person can be nominated for both the male and female role.

The actor-transsexual Kelly Mantle claim to be nominated in two categories: "Best Actor" and "Best Actress". According to the rules, he may be included in only one nomination, but the Commission has not yet rejected any of his requests. This suggests that Kelly Mantle may be the first actor who was nominated in two opposite categories. Previously, the actors who played the role of the opposite sex, nominated for "Oscar", but only in one category. Among them: John Lithgow, Hilary Swank, Eddie Redmayne.

Kelly Mantle played the role of a transsexual in the movie "Confessions of a womanizer." Film screening at festivals began in 2014, but with a restriction. List of nominees for the final will be announced in 2017.