Gerber and Malikova in air dresses and Seryabkina Atlas: ideas images Dating from Instagram stars

Kaia Gerber Instagram
Olga Seryabkina Instagram
Elsa Hosk Instagram
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On the eve of Valentine’s Day decided to give you a tip where to look for stylish images for a date. If the ideas dried up, it’s time to get inspired by other people’s outfite that will serve you a good cheat sheet more than once.

Rendezvous at the Museum of modern art perfect in all respects. If the gentleman will disappoint you, then at least you will get pleasure from the exhibits. Look for dates on this occasion, we offer you to choose a non-trivial and a bit creative. To take an example from Caroline Daur who is not afraid to combine effortless dress with “ridiculous” shoes and a sports jacket. Balance on the brink of a foul generally. With this approach, you’ll look like a work of art. However, if such combinations are not very interested in you, stop to simple and clear. Favorite basic jeans, and an oversized coat and beret as Giselle Oliveira image slightly sloppy, but very romantic.

Caroline Daur
Giselle Oliveira

To make the right impression and not look like you spent in the dressing room not one hour — the problem is simple. To feel comfortable, choose the base image and add some accents. Blouse with voluminous sleeves the color of egg yolk or jacket juicy shade of blue which, incidentally, is recognized as the color of the season — the attributes for this role perfect.

Stephanie Brock
Ksenia Agents

A suitable option for going to the theatre or concert of classical music we found Stephanie Malikova. Airy dress of translucent flying fabrics will give you youthful enthusiasm. It is intended as a time to fall in love!

Emma Roberts
Stefaniya Malikova

For less festive case fit plaid sundress mini length. It will successfully fit into the interior of any coffee shop that invites you in.

Flipping the photo gallery and get inspired by the images of other stars: satin dresses Seryabkina and Hosk, the Trouser suit Dua Lime and shining mini Parchute!

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