Глеб Матвейчук станет отцом во второй разPregnant zvezdilin Matveichuk will become a father for the second time

Soon in the artist’s life and musicals of composer Gleb Matveychuk will happen important event – his second child is born.

Gleb Matveychuk and his civil wife, actress Elena Glazkova, waiting for the birth of the second child. About this a pair person said, becoming the characters of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. At the moment Elena is in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Gleb Matveychuk and Elena Glazkova in photography HELLO!About the novel Gleb Matveychuk and Elena Glazkova became known in the summer of 2017 – then the artists ceased to hide their relationship and have begun openly share pictures in social networks. In February 2018 Matveychuk took a sweetheart offer during your concert. Singing the song “These eyes opposite”, he gave Elena the ring. Gleb and Elena first became parents in September of 2018 – they had a daughter Alice. Baby weighing 3390 grams and height of 52 cm was born in one of capital clinics on the evening of 24 September. A few weeks before the birth of the child Gleb and Elena took part in a photoshoot for HELLO! and told about how a random trip to a festival in Greece became for them fatal:

We met quite by accident. But now I believe that our meeting was predestinated. It happened in Greece at the festival. I bought a ticket at the last moment. I was convinced 95% that wouldn’t fly, but unexpectedly formed a window in the work schedule. I saw Lena on the first day, and I liked her immediately.

Recall Gleb Matveychuk in 2010, was married to actress Anastasia Makeeva. Six years later the couple broke up.

Gleb Matveychuk and Elena Glazkova in photography HELLO!