“Grammy-2020” program: choose the best image of a musical ceremony

“Grammy-2020” program: choose the best image of a musical ceremony

This night in Los Angeles hosted the 62nd Grammy, and the definition of music favorite problems obviously have arisen. Five awards (despite the fact that she was nominated in six categories) collected singer Billy Iles. But to determine winners in the traditional fashion contest will probably be more difficult. To fight for the attention with Billy porter stars becomes harder and harder. The actor chooses a rather eccentric and sometimes frankly ridiculous outfits, but manages to look at them each and every time completely organically (not least because a fair share of self-irony).

For this or for some other reason, but I think celebrity has lowered his hands and did not put much effort in the preparation stage to the track. To fight for the attention of reporters remained ultramini of styles and cuts in all possible directions dresses.

We have selected a few outfits that, on the contrary, drew the attention of minimalism or originality of the cut, and offer you to choose the cutest image of “Grammy”.

Dua Lipa followed the recent example of Jennifer aniston and chose a white outfit in the style of the 90s with a fitted silk skirt List contrary to expectations, did not bet on shocking, and classic Hollywood glamour, Ariana Grande decided to feel like a Princess. Well, Billy porter, though, and was like a lamp, but let’s face it: from such hats with sliding blinds many of us also would not mind — in case of important meetings and unwanted appointments.

Лиззо в платье от VersaceList in Versace dress

Лиззо в платье от Versace

Алессандра Амбросио в наряде от BalmainAlessandra Ambrosio in a dress by BalmainАлессандра Амбросио в наряде от Balmain

Алиша Кис в платье от VersaceAlicia Keys in a dress from VersaceАлиша Кис в платье от Versace

Дуа Липа в наряде от Alexander WangDua Lipa in a dress by Alexander WangДуа Липа в наряде от Alexander Wang

Ариана Гранде в Giamabattista ValliAriana Grande in Giamabattista ValliАриана Гранде в Giamabattista Valli

Джамила Джамиль в платье Georges ChakraJamila Jameel in Georges Chakra dressДжамила Джамиль в платье Georges Chakra

Грейс Элизабет в Giuseppe Di MorabitoGrace Elizabeth Giuseppe Di MorabitoГрейс Элизабет в Giuseppe Di Morabito

Билли Портер в Baja EastBilly porter in Baja EastБилли Портер в Baja East