Приглашенный редактор Зара: 15 фактов обо мне, которые никто не знаетStar blogebrity editor Zara: 15 facts about me that nobody knows

Your speakers on HELLO.RU in June, he publishes a new guest editor Zara. In the first of them, the singer decided to share with us some unknown facts from his biography.

1. Few people know, but in my childhood I engaged in artistic gymnastics. It is a unique sport that left an indelible mark on my development and submission itself. But never workout passed without rest. Organized concerts, coaches and athletes.

2. The media often write about my thinness, but who knows me, will say with confidence that I am a real sweet tooth. All the candy after moving, the aircraft will remain in my bag that I always eat if I can’t sleep or want something sweet. I have a reasonable sugar intake and always try to count calories.

3. I am in some degree insane mother. Always for games and activities that my sons know that I can rely on. Sometimes I feel like their sister or girlfriend.

4. Love to dance but have never been in a disco or in a nightclub. Sometimes before bed my sons music and dance until you drop. Choose the music they are, so I find out about new singles and artists.

5. For many years I collect antique jewelry. In different cities and countries find amazing things: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets with the story. And in my house there is a collection of handcrafted bears. Now so many talented artists who create these works of art.

6. I love to walk. Whenever possible, travel on foot across St. Petersburg at night, be sure to run into “Pyshechnaya on Zhelyabova”. Like anything special, but it’s the taste of childhood. And during his travels wound tens of kilometers, exploring new places.

7. Always been very shy. But my love for music was so strong that I left my studies at St. Petersburg state University, faculty of Oriental studies, and entered the Theatrical Academy on moss (Spbgati). Not everyone knows, but by education I am a dramatic actress of theater and cinema.

8. In ordinary life, try to talk with the children in the English language, we are discussing movies or share their impressions about the delicious dessert, as well as Kurdish. Wish they knew the language of their ancestors.

9. My full name is Zarifa. And I named in memory of my grandmother.

10. In protest I ran away from home, I was 4 years old. Loss just discovered and didn’t let me leave the bus in an unknown direction. It was winter, and I put on the first things.

11. Because of the good acoustics like singing in the hallways and gardens.

12. I am very open and trusting person, I sometimes suffer from this. And I’m a big samoedy, because most worried about.

13. For the first time he stepped on the ice immediately after the birth of the firstborn for a TV show, it allows you to quickly get in shape, but in one of the speeches I had shifted the spine and injured ribs.

14. Few people know, but in my childhood I was a bespectacled and very complexed because of this. Later made vision correction to see the audience in the hall.:)

15. Passed on the right and then behind the wheel and not the village.