Horoscope for successful women from 10 to 16 February

Now you should not entirely rely either on intuition or logic, unless there individual astrological recommendations. Important things is better to leave aside, because the chances of success are small. Better and wiser the next seven days to deal with routine issues.

Try not too to trust people, not to get into a stupid situation. Naivety can lead to great disappointment, which will long to subside inside. But at the same time, if you approach everything with skepticism, you will be able quite freely to interact with others.

In the professional sphere, possible gains, good jobs, winning contests, good feedback at work from superiors etc. Possible incentives — primarily in the form of money. Not excluded increase, but their probability is much lower, so too much to count on such an outcome should not be.

Romantic sphere promises a pleasant experience, which, however, promise not to step outside of your inner world.


The coming week equally require you to knightly bravery and skill of diplomacy. You will not be able to sit in one place, but the reward for such activity will be significant.


Week will turn into a carousel of events. You will definitely feel like a squirrel in a wheel, and these rates do not want to go there. Should gain momentum and try to integrate into the rhythm of life.


Many people around you will show their weakness. However, we should not interfere in their Affairs on their own. Whatever it was seemed from the outside, you need to first ask people if they need your help.


Circumstances will force you something to keep back the people around. But whether or not to go on about such circumstances? The heavenly bodies urge to tell only the truth.


You will not be able to do the work. A week can be described as very noisy and dynamic. If you do not cope with their responsibilities, put aside everything and relax. You can easily return to them when you feel at ease.


Doubt will greatly inhibit you. This week does not favor those who freezes in indecision. Your success will depend on how actively you show yourself in deed and not in thought.


You can achieve great heights in the professional sphere. But you have to work on the bugs. Own blunders can seriously hurt feelings. But this stage is inevitable.


You can be deceived by something attractive but nasty on the inside. This can be as a person and an object, or organization. To avoid this, do not trust first impressions.


You will find that it is in need of a deep conversation. Even the smallest tip could point you in the winning direction. To work perfectly, see with an old friend.


You will have to reconsider its attitude to some people. Their actions are at odds with the cases. It is possible that it will lead you into a frenzy. But still try to curb the emotions and give a sober assessment of the situation.


The secret of success this week is simple and banal — work, long, hard, boring. The more you invest now, the more closer to the goals that put in front of him.


The inner voice will often sound in your head. But not in a hurry to listen to it. This week he will take you away from developments. Your only ally now is a cool mind.

About the author:

Vera Kublashvili — astrologer, the founder and owner of school of astrology, author of the project, combining the traditional (Western) school of Chinese metaphysics and quantum energy field by formation. Women’s coach, author VIP course for women.

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