How to avoid getting COVID-19 behind the door of the house and what can we expect next: the most important thing about pandemic coronavirus

After passing the peak of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 rigid sanitary restrictions will be gradually removed.

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But the world has changed — and it is worth remembering, is how to behave at the door of the house, so as not to be endangered and not to harm others. Let’s start with the entrance — the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko in an interview with parliamentary newspaper named it the most neglected from the point of view of preventive measures place. Insolation in the hallways is almost there, and the virus can persist for a long time, living on the railings, the Elevator buttons and intercom.

Clinical pharmacologist, PhD Andrei Kondrakhin, said in an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow” on how to behave in public. Going to the cinema the Russians, he reminded about the need to use masks and gloves that you’ll have to eat at home — it is in the mask and take the popcorn with your hands in gloves will not work; you’ll have to eat at home. In fitness centers, according to Kondrahin, you need to monitor the disinfection of objects, which people breathe and that touch.

— he recalled, adding that coming to a fitness center need a mask and cotton gloves and wipe the sweat with a large towel, making sure the side that touch the hands, not mixed up with the party, which is wiping my face. Also Kondrakhin warned about using probes in shopping malls — spraying perfume, the person starts to breathe harder and becomes more vulnerable to disease.

In turn, the French physicians believe that the more we can help the sun — the French national Academy of medicine has confirmed the hypothesis of the Chinese doctors that SARS-COV-2 weakens in hot weather. Chinese doctors noticed that increasing the temperature by just one degree reduces by 3.1%, the number of new cases and 1.2% of deaths. As reported LCI from April a count of the number of infected and patients in intensive care in France is falling. Which in turn means that fall the second wave of the epidemic.

While Russian doctors are more optimistic than their European counterparts. In his Telegram-the doctor and showman Alexander Myasnikov conjectured that the coronavirus in Russia has become less deadly, because it was filtered through immunities recover, and more and more people are becoming sick without symptoms.

warned butchers.


Recall that, according to on may 29, the world is infected with more than 5.9 million, killed more than 361 thousand, recovered from the coronavirus more than 2.5 million people. In Russia revealed more than 387 thousand cases of the disease.

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