Independence day: 5 ways to quit Smoking

Method: electronic cigarette

For whom: intermittent smokers, especially for those who smoke only at parties or on weekends “for the company”.

How it works: the Electronic cigarette is a kind of inhaler that simulates Smoking a regular cigarette, only instead of tobacco it contains a cartridge nikotinsoderzhaschie liquid. Using electronic cigarettes in the body comes from 1.2 to 5 mg of nicotine. When you tighten, starts steam that mimic the look and taste sensations of tobacco smoke, but unlike regular cigarettes, with this method of Smoking to the body along with nicotine is not come yet and cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other carcinogens.

According to a recent study smokers with the experience of electronic cigarette will not help to get rid of dependence, but for those with Smoking still firmly in the habit, this method is ideal. First, you reduce the amount of harmful substances entering the body, and secondly, if you want, after some time will be able to abandon the habit of Smoking.

Method: nicotine patch

For whom: heavy smokers (10 or more cigarettes per day).

How it works: Contained in the patches, the nicotine enters the body through the skin, therefore, man first refuses the mechanical habit of Smoking, and then maybe even get rid of nicotine addiction. To start using the patch need 2 before the intended date of quitting cigarettes. The course duration is 8 weeks, during which you gradually reduce the degree of concentration of the nicotine in the patches.

Method: inhaler

For whom: smokers with behavioral dependence for those who smoke nothing better to do, or in a circle of Smoking friends.

How it works: the inhaler is a capsule with pure nicotine, from which the stream of air released pair of nicotine. The device looks like a plastic mouthpiece, where the inserted cartridge, inside of which is a solution of nicotine. The inhaler is convenient if you plan to quit gradually.

Method: nicotine spray

For: heavy smokers, for whom not enough action nicotine patch or any other nicotinamidase therapy.

How it works: Through the nostrils spray with nicotine quickly enters the bloodstream and through it to the brain and heart, what is the desire to smoke. Be prepared for the fact that the spray is very good, say that I feel like I inhaled the Cayenne pepper. Well, it’s even better.

Method: chewing gum

For whom: for those who are concerned about weight gain after quitting cigarettes.

How it works: During the chewing process is a gradual release of nicotine (2 to 4 mg at each pad). Chewing gum is recommended each time you receive an urge to smoke. To quench the thirst of cigarette must chew gum at least 30 minutes. The daily intake of gum is no more than 15 pieces.

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